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Don’t you ever wonder if

Your life could be swept away

Immortalized in a short speech

Then drifting away slowly

Like a swiftly passing leaf

In the torrential downpour

Of a hurricane?

Imagining your face

Forever a commemorative name

Never forgotten after tonight

The destruction of public property

The destruction of yourself

Celebrated fantasy

A sweet smile, never let go of

A questioning and beseeching glance

At me.

Never forgotten

Always lost like a

Swiftly passing leaf

In the torrential downpour

Of a hurricane.

Our love

Your heart

My loss

Your smile

A sweet, echoing sadness

Left empty and open

Like the hollow space of a house

Destroyed, left broken and torn

By the hurricane that immortalizes

The tears and the pain and the hollow empty


All of it all

And as usual

The only truth I know is your words

And I know nothing of you

And yet that’s all I need

Your smile

Stirring up leaves and whole trees

Like a hurricane

In my heart.

And I know we’re different

And I know you’re wrong

But not everyone can always be right

Isn’t it?

And I know your secrets

And you know nothing of me

And yet again that’s all that’s needed

It’s your smile

A shock through my system

A warm flood of open

And trust for a stranger.

And it’s not that I know you well enough

To say anything deep

And it’s not like you’d trust me deep enough

To tell me something true.

But your lies are so pretty

The shining, glinting eyes of light

Into my soul

Wanting and urging you to speak up

So we can all hear you

Say it louder

Scream over the noise

Pounding in my head

The hurricane of the black emptiness

That is me.

And then it’s all torn apart

The sounds of a train

Hitting and crashing, stirring and

Uprooting everything I know.

And I’m left, shocked

Knowing nothing

Wanting for everything

For you.

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For Noah...and yet also about rape

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