Long Live..


Long live Mario Medeiros and Amanda Burt

My man and the girl that stole him from me

while I couldn't move to defend.

And long live my broken heart and my slit wrists

because if i wasn't safe enough already

I would've done it again

And long live my crying eyes and my bloody noses

and the guys who try to console me

And long live the laughs that follow me everywhere

you thought it was funny didn't you

that when I couldn't move you cheated on me

Well I'm sorry I was bad before

But I tried to change, not just for you but for me too

And now you want another whore

And I'm thinking, what should I do

Well, I realized before I knew you

I live for love and I don't stay where I'm not wanted.

So I'm leaving you, before you want me back to break me again.

So long live my broken heart and the weakness I have for you

And long live the assholes of the world who love others before their girlfriends

And long live those who hurt me

Because the next time, I will hurt you more

Because I'm not the girl i was before

I'm not another piece of ass

I'm not another slut

I'm a person too you ass

So next time don't give me up

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Mario.

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