Wish you Well

tc chronicles

I thought i knew you

but I never could tell

I thought once I loved you

Anyways, I wish you well.

Do you rememember once

when my dog ran away?

And you said you'd keep an eye out

but we looked for her all day?

It's times like these that make me scream

I thought i loved you but

it was only a dream..

anyways.. I wish you well.

You and I could've been more

But you broke my heart

When my nose got caught in your locker door

Runnin' hard to no place at all

Screamin, dreamin

I trip and fall..

Remember we said we'd run away

and get married?

It's times like these I think you love me

Times like these I think you know me

times like these I want to be your girl

But I say good bye and..

anyways, I wish you well.

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tc chronicles

August 11, 2004

To Ryan

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