I'm found...


The family's breaking up, and it's all because of me

I'm wasting away here, tragically

And there's not a damn thing I can do

So I'm sitting here, talking to you

About the things I've been going through

Because I know if anybody's trustworthy, it's you.

Although I haven't known you very long

I know confessing to you is never wrong

Because you're the one who understands

You hold me close, gently squeeze my hands

And tell me we'll run away some day

And find a way to be together

But I get so pessimistic and I can't see a way

That life could get any better

No matter how much it sucks to be here

I'm always happy when you're around

You're calming my pain, soothing my fears...

I once was lost, but now.. I'm found.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Wrote this for Jeff~~

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