Being with you, right here, like this...

Reminds me of all that you've done to me

All the little things you put me through

And all the ways you tortured me

And this pain, hidden deep within my chest..

Raises a scream that steals your breath

A frozen heartbeat from the ends of time

A frozen reminder of what's yours and mine

A love so sweet, like the one we didn't share

All those things I should've said but didn't dare

All the emotions that flowed through my heart

Reminders of you and I

But why did you choose that place, that time?

I'm left with all these questions, and I don't know why

I can't stop the clock, and I can't go back in time

So now I'm left to contemplate these feelings inside

I don't know what it is that made me love you so

All I know is that you felt you had to let me go

But you started something that you didn't see

That once you let me go, you had no hold on me

Maybe all these things that remind me of you

Are helping to remind you of me, too

And all the things you did to me

And everything that you were just to blind to see....

But now..we're both reminded.

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