Broken Sunrise

The morning sun's rays flood at dawn

Broken by twilight

A result of the battle that went out

And lasted through the night

It started with a masquerade

In which two lovers met

A handsome prince and a faery maid

In twilight's silhouette

They danced the night with no other

Which angered all the guests

A deep love they had for one an other

So they ignored the other dance requests

This angered many a person

As the were condemned to the side lines

Animosity of races did worsen

But the two ignored the signs

A young demon lad was undoubtedly the first to draw the blade

The challenge was accepted by a dashing human boy

He did it to mask the fact that he was quite afraid

For it's humans demons vow to destroy

This was the start of the night's long war

That broke the daily life

A battle field filled with gore

All for the prince's new wife

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