"Evaluation of our last time"


I know you've left me

But for the last time

I can see it, shining on your face

Dancing in your eyes

I know I'm stronger now

Because we live separate lives

I used to eat, drink, and breathe you-

But that's over now.

Chances are, I'll never see you again.

And that's something always on my mind.

Not seeing you, hearing you, watching you everyday

But I know I can make it.


It's been two years since you left me,

And now I'm fine on my own.

Sometimes, I still long for your tender kiss & warm embrace,

But now there are others who offer me the same gladly-

And with love.-

I still want to thank you for what you've given me,

No material items but pain, sorrow, and a broken heart

But I learned to move on-like you-

And now I've found someone who loves me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one for Gabe... It doesn't rhyme but it has some sort of rhythm there.. Its not one of my favorites though, I think its quite odd.

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