"Not with me"


You're with her- and you're not with me

You just can't get...Any more lucky

'Cuz when she smiles the sun shines so bright

And I know you talk to her on the phone each night

And there's no way- for you and me

She don't seem nice, but she's so pretty

She's just so loved

And outgoing

And she's so much better than I could be

~And when she smiles her perfect smile

You won't look for me

And when you kiss her when no one's looking,

Your love ain't for me~

You're with her-and you're not with me

And how happy.. I should be

Even though... You don't love me

The wanna-be angel..Thats what she is

Your girlfriend

But she hasn't earned her wings

Because she just falls through the clouds

You won't care for me- no matter how I cry

You won't mourn for me if I die

You won't look back as I turn aside

You won't think of me as I walk away

Because all the love that you have inside

Is all the reasons she should have died

But I just can't bear to see you sad

So I'll go on being mad...

For now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Note: I had( and still do) an obsession with "Don't think of me" by Dido when i wrote this so it might sound kind of similar...

And I am so sorry if this sounds too much like it because I'm so in love with that song. Also, this song is about Preston(the guy I like) going out with Brittany, his girlfriend who I don't like...

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