This is not enough

It never will be

No matter how much I change- I know i'm still me.

And you're still you, that face behind the glass

Reaching out, a face from the past

You've turned the knob, but not yet opened the door

You're still searching, still looking for more

But you have found me what I need to survive

And now, in this big ugly world I can strive

To find him now, deep inside my heart where he lives in me

And I can go away, I can escape it all

Should i leave reality? Should I take the fall?

Should I take it or leave it, no matter the cost?

One hand outstreched, reaching to worlds we've never seen

Should I take his hand? Should I leave it all behind?

Should I fly on? Or keep it and try to survive alone?

Alone like the willow who weeps for me

Blood and tears mingle as they run down my cheeks-

I know what I must do.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Somehow...This is not enough" is what followed this in my subprofile. I really really like this one, tell me what you think ^.^

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