our song.


and the truth is everywhere

your words are echoing, reaching a maximized climax

they track me down and follow me home.

"you let yourself go,

but youre going nowehere."

well you can broadcast what i did

until your lungs give out.

you can tell all your friends

and they can tell theirs

but it just wont change that

whats done is done

and you cant bring it back.

a bitter revival seems out of place

youve got yourself all cut up

and youve got yourself cutting me out

i know what i did was wrong.

reality states that what you did wasn't any better.

so go ahead and accuse me

of melodramatic sentiments.

Overly rationalized

you accused me of being covert and subtle

as i brought news to the table, seeking envy.

the ambition was long gone.

the motivation was sinister and evil at best,

but it failed, and you couldnt care less

ignoring me from now on

go ahead and do that, we'll see where this gets you.

tell them all i wrote this song for you.

This, this can be our song.

because all that you were to me

was just another faulty tragedy.

this, this can be our song

a power ballad of love and longing?

more like an ode to you walking out the door

and how i couldn't give a damn.

yes: this, this is our song.

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