Give Up

My Dirty Laundry..

All chances of “forgive & forget”

Are gone

You lost that right when you

Lied to me- again, and

Again, and again.

Such a continuous pattern, I’m

So dumb ‘cuz I didn’t notice

Things like “Where you been?”

[“out and about, babe.”  “You know me, just

with the guys.”] eventually, “None of yer

damn business!”

like that picture of the girl up in

your locker you introduced to me as

“just a girl.” Hey, wasn’t that where you put OUR picture?

Like avoidance of everything.

Now, you drive by my house-

To see if you can catch a glimpse

Of me or my new boyfriend.

You caught me kissing him,

But I don’t really care anymore.

[“I’ll kick his fucking ass” and “I’m going to fucking kill that

bastard if he touches you again.”]

like your “You’re my property, bitch!” shit         now

passing in the hallways I just

feel nothing

I still see how you stare

Sucking in every tear drop,

Replacing it with a glance

Shot at me, a note passed-

Neither of which I return.

Your goal is to get Maya or Brian involved, which only

Pisses me off more.

Give it up already, because I have.

Give it up already, because I won’t take you back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Mario

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