The Drugs don't work

It's another 3 am
Don't know which pain is worse
The present or the past, both make a relic out of the future

Knowing we both see the same moon
from far apart,
I wonder, do we see the same?
This truth seeking road shares more questions than answers

And today is more of the same...just yesterday's tomorrow
The drugs don't work, only the music keeps me sane
with Comfortably Numb becoming the strived for...state of mind.

Sitting in God's waiting room, waiting for Heaven to call
Honey, in my head I hear your deafening silence
I remember your words. "I don't even think of you"
They serve as a Dagger in my heart, with no removal, or forget...thirty years in a burning ember blur...soon, only the ashes will remain...

And in the end, like our love, they too....will just disappear.
Author's Notes/Comments: Inspired by my life today...and this song

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