Are You Missing Me

Are you missing me,

The day slogs against my chest

when you are not here,

My heart

clamors against the bars of its cage

Wailing at night to be set free

Across the lands where you wait


Yet, I must tell him:

Quiet, have you no shame?

You have not done your time,

You cannot be let off so easily

This occasion


You must wait. As the flower

Waits for Spring, as the tree

Grows patiently, over years

You must wait and endure

The ache, the thirst

For her embrace

It will make it all the more


In that hour


I say to him:

Take heed from the mind,

He walks with caution

And speaks with reason

You can learn well from him;

He is not wished away on a feeling

Or caught up in the rapture of her eyes

As you, O’ frail heart—

Who swiftly loves and loves

Like the wind pushing

through the drapes

Of a willow tree:

Stirring a much ado, but soon gone



But I understand you O’ heart

More than anything else—

Even with all the rationale of the mind,

I cannot hear it:

You are locked up in there

Because you must be,

Because time is a factor

And space a limitation

And you do not have wings O’ heart;

For if you did, I would have opened your cage

Long ago and let you fly—

I would let you soar

Over forests and rivers

And mountains

And cities

And people

To arrive, and flutter at her window

Ready, to be received within her arms.

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