My godmother has been using the same perfume for as long as I can remember. Since I was a small kid, running to the door after a long trip to hug her as soon as I saw her step out of her house, I’ve been able to recognize that scent. It’s a very distinctive essence, a fresh mixture of jasmine and roses: floral, as she is.  I find it amazing how much a fragrance can make me feel so close to her, even if we live far away. It also amazes me how much it suits her, since as I try to analyze the scent, all I can think of is green, because that is how I see her, so drawn to earth, so full of life and optimistic despite her age. Because she talks to the moon, she talks to the trees, because she talks to every single thing that she finds some beauty in. As I think of the floral scent, I remember how she’s always said she can feel other people’s energy and read their aura, and even though deep down I know it’s nonsense, somehow, I believe her words every single time. Her words always make me feel like a child again, when I wondered why she preferred to wear colorful clothes, eccentric jewelry and huge -almost ridiculous- hair, instead of the dark long skirts and short hair all my other aunts have always liked. But now I understand why, her perfume says it all. Because it makes me remember happy days walking to the ice cream shop on spring afternoons, but also days of grief when neither of us needed to talk, just comfort each other with our presence. I could identify the floral scent anywhere, as it’s not just a perfume for me, it’s advice based not only on mistakes, but advice that comes from crazy experiences yet also overwhelming days that she doesn’t like to remember. I know that someday I’ll wear the same perfume, not only because of the refreshing scent that I’ve always appreciated, but because of what it means to me: long years of incredibly bright and sunny days, filled with laughter and singing loudly and terribly, days of darkness and tears and screams caused by emotion-driven decisions that were not that wise, and everything in between. This perfume represents everything she has felt, emotions that I’ll never stop looking for, just like her.

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