The Real World

You wake up and have a coffee

Get ready for work and leave

Religion has no place here

As money is your only salvation.

The Factions amongst you are always warring

Whether it be for power, hate or beliefs

All that is happeneing is the destruction of life

And the givers of life become Death.

You stare at yourself in the mirror

And promise that you'll change the world

An empty promise

As the world is the one that will change you.

It will consume you and hate you

Fill up your girth with a venomous pride

It will shock and torment you

Until Death is a salvation.

That's the way the world works

There are no tears for the weak

As there are no tears left to shed

Animosity is the new way of life.

Welcome To The Real World.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If You Only see The Earth As A Paradise, Than You Are Already Dead.

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