Not a child anymore

He was a boy

Forced to become a man

He held a rifle in his hand

Small children were afraid of him

Adults feared what he had become

Yet, they could not see the trapped,innocent boy in his eyes

Who had lost so much

Seen so much

Done so much harm to his own people

They could not see how broken he was

Or how much pain he was in 

Or how much he wished he could sleep forever

They only saw a terrorist, a tyrant, a person unworthy of living

An abomination

They forgot that he was only a child

Robbed of his own childhood, education and freedom

Made to be soldier, a weapon that was easily controlled and manipulated

He was told that he would never amount to anything

He was worth nothing

He felt no emotion

Yet in his heart he will never forgive himself for all the pain he caused

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