You took me away from everything I have ever known

Until my home became a memory

My family became strangers

And my friends became only acquaintances

You promised to take care of me as long as I lived

Love me as long as I breathed

You promised me Heaven on Earth

A perfect dreamlike world

Where it was just the two of us

You made me believe in these fantansies

Tricked me into staying with you

Even though you fell short in fulfilling your promises

Yet my hugeous heart never seemed to see your short comings

It only seemed to love you more each and everyday

For when I gave myself to you 

I let you see the side of me that I hid from the world

Showed you my true face

Without the touch-ups that made you fall in love with me in the beginning

And when I exposed myself without fear

I saw the love in your eyes

Even without my family or friends

You are the only one I need

And some people call me delusional for not letting you go

For not leaving you when you caused me so much pain

And for staying with you even when you broke my trust

But I loved you the first time I saw you

Loved you before I knew what love was

Love you purely and wholeheartedly

Because I knew you were the one for me

When you said you would never let me go

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