Tears tell a story

If my tears of pain

Will not make you change your demeanor

Would seeing me broken change your actions

Would my broken heart

Help you see the error of your ways

If my silence

Will not make you change your oppressive tendencies

Would my eyes become the windows of my soul

Expressing all my deepest secrets

And awakening my silenced voice

That I have kept quiet for far too long

If my touch 

Will not make you fall in love with me again

Than why do I bother to stay in your arms

If you will never learn to love me

or to atleast pretend you care

If my love for you

Will not msnifest to become the greatest love story that has ever existed

Than why do I dwell on futile fairytales

Only full of happily ever afters

Yet I know I will never be happy with you

Nor will I ever be able to live without you

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