Die Harvey Die


Changing our life

You have come and gone

But you keep giving 

Beyond what we can recall 

You have punished us

At least three times

Wreaking havoc

On families, what a crime

Your rain and wind

It's amazing to analyze 

Records everywhere 

Because of your size

Staying in place 

I bet you think you're awesome 

But we're no longer 

Accepting your torture 

Flooding here 

Downed homes there

We are sick of all this 

Lack of composure 

Go on, get out of here

We are tired of this crud

You know we'll rebuild 

Out of this pile of mud

Harvey, you may have us down 

Changing earth to water

With all your huff and puff

But now we all stand together 

As a familiar Colonel once said 

You can go to hell 

Because we are Texans 


Stronger than ever...

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