When you awake to find
That you were on my mind
I hope your heart will fly
And tears of joy stream from your eyes
As I take the time
To write you out this rhyme
I hope you’ll think it’s sweet
And it sweeps you off your feet
When you start off on your day
My warm wishes come your way
When you go to brush your teeth
I hope you laugh and think of me
When you go to comb your hair
Please remember that I care
I hope to never make you cry
And to kill all those who try
I hope I bring you joy
In the months before deploy
I hope it’s not too much
That my feelings are as such
Just know a single smile
Makes all I do worth while
Just know my darling friend
Our journey here has just begin

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote for a friend AJA she is a girl...the first girl I've kissed in my journey of self discovery :D

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