Killem all :D

It’s cute to see you children play
Hear now what I have to say
You’re childish tries are cute to me
I admire your silly tease
You say these things as if you know
The feel of giving a final blow
The screams that drive from your prey
And that was only just today
Tomorrow I’ll have fun with friends
Watching families reach their painful end
Listening to the children’s cry
Watching homes as they demise
Cut the body and suck the blood
My reign won’t end until it floods
40 days 40 nights the screams won’t fade
Neither for this or the next decade
Now children put away your pocket knives
Since deaths only fear has finally arrived :D

You have less then what you’ll need
To come and try to box with me
I’m a stranger to the rules
Bloods my one and only fuel
Put away your pocket knife
Or ill be forced to kill you thrice
Once in this our life time
Another in ones left behind
The third my dear ill save for last
Wreaking havoc with a laugh
You see my heart doesn’t exist
I took it out with mine own fists
I am cold and dark as the night
You’d do well to leave my sight
Or else you’ll know why the God’s hide
When they hear that I’m near by
You see my love I’m the ghost
Your worst nightmares fear the most

Author's Notes/Comments: 

may 19, 2012 a friend battled back and forth on facebook and I decided to join in and shut it down :D

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