Reach For The Moon

Gazing upon the moon tonight

Wishing I may, wishing I might

Are you there .. seeking the same

Wanting a love and not a game

Heart's are broken so easily

Is love alive .. a reality

If I give my heart to you

Will you be faithful ... will you be true

A piece of paper I do not need

I vow my love in ways and deeds

Upon my sleeve I wear my heart

My Love for you will not depart

Don't promise forever,

just promise me now

I know love can survive somehow

Remember each day

Always to say

I love you and need you I'll

always be true.

Greet each morning with lover delight

No angry words and a kiss goodnight

You must give love to receive

That is what I do believe

Put your love, always first

You'll find it will quench love's thirst

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