Glorious Hearts

Secret Garden

In a cold snowy day full of gloom, I slide under a shielding evergreen tree with a matchbox in a hand and a candle in the other. I sit down, start a spark to the match and light up the candle. I watch the flame dancing with shine reflecting into my eyes. The warmth of the blaze warms my icy cold hands, and the fears melt away..

Hearing laughter and echoes here and there. Through the flare, I can see lovers so pure and simple running down the fields like children with their hands clutched together, chanting rhymes of their dreams. Suddenly, my eyes floods with pools of hope, and my pale face flourishes with a smile of joy. “ You are not alone you lucky thing”, a far echo whispers into my ear. “ Among all these lovers, I can see a lonely but strong heart shimmering with triumph and love... so why to whine?!”.. “You have always been in love. Its inside ur heart where love survives, and its u who creates joy whenever, wherever...”. The candle comes to an end and the glaze starts dimming leaving a glow of hope inside this delicate heart of mine.

I salvaged my strength to stand up strong, but the snow covered me heavily with flakes. I couldn’t move, until I felt warm tears pouring against my face, melting the ice and watering my thorn less bud that bloomed under the snow.. Those tears were dewdrops from the spring which pleaded me to hold on.. There it was, a bud of tulip, so lively and hearty, an early gift from the spring to spare warmth into my cold days before the real spring arrives..

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