The War of Love

My Poetry

A voiceless sound challenging a distant star

In spite the distance it feels so near

Proclaiming the best, that’s who you are

I enter through the gate of war, I have no fear

You asked me not to misunderstand

And to be the starry queen on an earthly land

But if you were deeper in comprehending my speech

None of us would have suffered this much from each

With all pride I ask, am I not a grounded creature?

More courage is needed to admit a fault and confront a preacher

Asking for peace is no surrender nor defeat

Amidst the ring of fire, I’m still standing on my feet

With a heart like mine that moves the stone

I need no sword to fight a livid army alone

But if you fear my words of truth, well don’t

I wouldn’t hurt your crystal feelings, no I wont

Wasn’t it my words that breezed life into your heart

And suffered for your sanity and flaring wisdom

I’d rather breathe my last, and fall apart

Whispering to you my absolute and final idiom..*

The Accompanying Music "Mysterious" is Composed, Arranged and Performed by Yuko Ohigashi.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my favourite writings that was a response to a poetic challenge back in 2004.
My dearest and best so far.

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