We are all born with a wide eyed innocence

Believing everyone is honest

Having no pretence.

Unable to ascertain how life could

be any other way ...

Then how it seems and

by what people say

Time passes. You learn.

Not only wages, but respect must be earned.

Love is a word so often used.

Trust is a feeling that should not be abused.

If you are not as good as your word ...

Soon no one will listen.

You will not be heard.

You are the sales person representing yourself.

Present your product well

and you will find much wealth.

Promises you make by the words you say.

Should be guaranteed by you forever and a day.

Keep your words soft and sweet.

For someday those words

you may have to eat.

Find love deep inside ... for that's where love begins.

Sharing love always,

for true love knows no end.

The more love you give,

the more love you get

Love is a gift you give

that receiver's won't forget.

It is more blessed to give than to receive

I believe that is how the good book reads.

Funny but when you give love away.

It seems to come back to you,

in many wondrous ways.

It all began with innocence, eyes open wide.

Let's go back once again, and give it another try

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