white lies

living in a dark hole
the world cant see the flame in this girl
they held her hand
told her if she tried the hardest she can
she would make it out there
that was a white lie
now she's drowning inside
no one can help her
they cant see the pain behind her eyes
they thought they were helping
when they tried
as they tangled her up
in their white lies
i watched them attempt to shine
this dirty diamond
but she cant be cleaned
she loves,she tries and she cries
but she cant follow the lines
and it hurts her pride
they sold her with those white lies
tricked her into living this blade they call life
and when life cuts, just a little too deep
they stitch her up with those white lies
telling her it helps to cry
a few years pass and she realized
she cant escape these lies
and one day as she cried
they came to her an asked why.
looking to thier eyes
she opend her mouth wide
can you explain to me these things i cant believe
can you explain to me these white lies i greive?!
to her surprise
they bent one knee
and knelt by her feet.
we've kept you in a dark hole where only love shines
to try an protect you from these even darker times
but the light grows dim as on grows your life
your passionate and free
you have no restrictions like me
in this world that is no way to be
but inside you is a fire and it burns unquenchably.
your not the same as the others you see
it wont be easy acting differently
you will hear whispers
see stares
but you cannot reatreat
i hope we have not hurt you
I fear we have buried you too deep
broken and sobbing
they asked her
was this the truth you seek.?

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