sheep in the pasture

pretty little girls
with thier pretty eyes
pretty blonde girls
eyes the color of skies
they laugh,they live and wear the "right" clothes
but no one really knows
they're all a bunch of hoes
stealing men that diserve more creativity
some one like me
not a sheep
not a mule
some one who wont take your shit
somone that can feel what they feel
and can express it!
i have personality!
i am me!
and who are they?
they are him
they are her
they are part of the heard!
never sure of who they are
they'll never know who they were
because they are noone
wasted space taking up nothing!
following the pattern
the prints!
theyre all boring shades of blue
and in step I
the vibrant yellow sun in sky!
ready to die
not living a lie!
working for my pleasures
and hoarding my treasures
tasting the finer things in life
while they hide
hide behind they're blue sky eyes
and they're bleached blonde lies
they cant roll the dice
i cant wait to take my turn
while they "float HIGH in heaven"
im gettin HIGH in hell!
and soon they'll realize
that little piece of heaven
wasnt worth that huge chunk of tries
and they will cry
and it will rain upon the earth
and all the sheep will squirm
but not i
i will dance in theri sorrow
i willl scream towards their home!
jump in their revelations
i will live in my glass house
valiently throwing my stones
while they sit close together
so alone
afraid to share a detail
afraid that everyone will
know the lies
their blue sky eyes

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