string and bait

we're all so beautiful!
armored in rows of sparkling scales
but our eyes are living in the shadows
we cant tell our heads from our tails
we are lured by string and bait
jumping to be fed
meeting horrible fates
i fell pray to temptations
i swam astray
the fishermen they laughed
they laughed in my face!
i was the BIG one
the last catch of the day
little did they care that i was afraid
it really wasnt a care
that i was in pain!
flesh was pulled from my bones
meat torn from my skin
they tossed out the rest
only eyeballls and scales ,they left
my body was thrown on the roaring fire
it sizzled and popped as the flames rose higher
my spirit flew high
dancing in the smoke
i grew angry
i grew vicious
as they chewed and they spoke
but what could i do?
i watched as they ate
what can i do?
with all of this hate
i could move rocks! whip seas! burn sky!
but nothing i could do
would make them die
how i longed to see them cry
skinned and eaten
dying inside
just then they lay thier heads to sleep
i thought to myself
i could invade their dreams
suck on thier thoughts!
i could spit them out after chewing them clean!
and certainly
pleasure this insanity would bring
and certianly
i would enjoy
this simple thing
something like revenge
i think.

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