old letters

i LOVED you
and you crumpled up my heart
wasting it like an old letter
i LOVED you
i LOVED you
i wish it could be over
i wouldnt have to feel this anymore
but no matter what you do
i LOVE you
LOVE you
i LOVE you
i want to hear your voice
it HURTS me
you HURT me
with every bad choice
i could TRY
try to quit you
i will TRY
try to have you
but im never going to have you
its not MEANT to be
MEANT to be
im MEANT to be without you
so do i have to STUDDER!?
do you UNDERSTAND my problem?
everything i LOVE i lose
and everthing i LOVE is a lie
or a LIAR!
it would be really nice to feel
like your freindship was real
its the least you could do
after all you put me through
because i LOVED you
i LOVE you stil
i still LOVE you
i lLOVE you
and i always will

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dedicated to a ""best friend"" of mine how much she has changed :(

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