honey honey.

you were sexy
tears running down your face
you touched me and i stared
i couldnt help but think
it felt too good with your hand there
your tiny voice spoke puffs of sorrow
i could not form the word no.
your breath was warm against my chest
it started to dry the tears that you left
golden hairs whisping
upturned curls tickled me
this is wrong! this is wrong! was all i could think
but as your hands pushed the brink
i found it hard to speak
little fingers splayed across my chest
PARTS of me want this to last
another knows its gone on too long
i took your face in my hands and asked, so deperatley,
"whats wrong?"
as if the answer
would end this torture
tears spilled out of you
tears spilled onto me
but i couldnt concentrate
it was hard enough remembering to breathe
lips intertwined
eyes staring into mine
i could not blink
i could not look away
with eyes so beauticul
what do i say
as hands danced down my body
and halted on my hips
i ended this abomination
with one swift twist
i lay you under me
and kissed you gently
i said" honey honey your so sweet, if this is love then let it be, but just remember this one thing."
" you will not use me"

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