my peace tea boy..

with every thump the stake drives further

with every look the plunger slowly sqeezes

my heart aches with every sentence you make

im tired of playing this game

you  know

i love everything about you

you know all the ways iv'e tried

but how do you justify?

my cries for attention

my weak smiles and all the texts iv'e sent

what is it that she has

what is there left for me to do?

im done

its your turn

i will not ask for the last slow dance

not again

if you wish to share that spinning room

you can ask

as a freind

i do not expect your love

but i do expect a fair trial

to which we are all entitled

you can judge

you can reach for a lifeline

and if i am the weakest link

all i ask is to know what you think

im tired of playing

im tired of dying every time you dont reply

im tired of that flutter when your at longed last attempt reaches my ears

how long will you keep me hoping and bleeding inside

how long will you play with my mind

perhaps your not sure of the degree of my love

im not sure if my measurments are correct,

they do feel long and precise ffrom my end

and does it tug on your feelings

when you see me?

why can i pass you in the hall for so long

and one day you say hi?

does it hurt you when i dont reply?

play hard to get

is what im told

but how do i play

when my whole body seems to say

run to him

hold him tight

make it right

you know its right

i sat on the passanger side

staring into your eyes

as you laughed at the stupid things i said

they were in the back

but they were not there

all i heard was yyour laugh

and the lines on your mouth would crease at the ends

how must it feel to kiss those lips

and open my eyes with our mouths intertwined

such wonderings lead to evil things

i dont blame you for not wanting me

but boy wouldnt it be nice to see a secure answer from those perfect lips

hate me or love me

lets get this over with



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