life rejected

Theres days when i want to die

because i realize who i am

fuck me!!

the very esscence of my standing for

do  I even give a shit, do I even care any more?

Life can't be like this forever, but god it better change soon

or I think I  might join you

and I might fall down

I wouldn't be surprised if i found a way to ground myself.

no punishment intended

my life so rejectedly ended

and who wants me?

tell me the truth

who wants me if there's nothing i can do

Help! help! every cell of me screams

but i'm too busy being me  to realize that i should be some thing beautiful, some thing free

when life is worthless and so un easy

all it takes is a little room to be

but the air is suffocating me because i'm finding every way possible to make it more difficult to breath.

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