Morbid and Desire

In this life I am betrayed, drowned in insanity

By the dark skies and deepest puddles of humanity

Left to my throne left in a dark cloud of betrayal

Of a person disguised I believed to be a good portrayal


Once upon a comfortable past, now faded

Is a life I didn't know was invaded

A promise from the depths of darkness presented

From the deepest part of my heart I knew I resented


I took it with a bored soul and excited heart

and left all in darkness that was considered to be smart

I saw beauty within the violence and corrupt

Spiteful and pinned hate that continues of the night to disrupt


My dark broken wings emerge from my stabbed back

Blood from my eyes seep through, and my face is left with a huge crack

I turn blind, drowned in my screams soon will bore an undead child

Turned cursed from my own mistake,so morbid, loses it's sanity, now forever wild


Born from a man who treated me unfair

A deep hatred grows that I cannot bare

He left me so where I could not awake

Another week, another girl, another future to break


To punish myself I must

For all I now distrust

Because the wicked has taken my every bone

and brought my eyes to answers turned unknown


But before I am brought black permanent and lesser things

A true mind crawls out of hiding, climbs from the hill and sings,


You will not be thrown down as a piece of meat

And expect to smile when you see true deceit

A human is what you are, and will always be

You will no more answer an empty plea


I will come back to the being that has cursed me so

Bring a blade to my insides and rip out my woe

and come back alive I will

and the broken will come out of my crack and spill


Coming a new face born to me

My eyes revert back, blue and beautiful now can see

Insects crawl from out my back, once my horrid wings

From a a someone deep within my conscience, and the good it brings

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