Death's Door - The Clock

The clock is assigned my only sign of hope
Dangling below the clock, is me by the rope
From society to the others, I wonder how they cope

Closed off from the skies so vibrant and blue
Only darkened clouds with a blood-dead crimson hue
Death has a voice, and we are dangling here, blind without a clue

It's not just me, and it isn't just them
Sometimes we find a cancer, and sometimes we find a gem
Or maybe it wasn't the answer, we plucked another flower from the stem

They say that time waits for no one,
but sometimes we wait for it, and even for a sun
But before we know it, we grow old, and just undone

So now one questions and must quickly prepare
To fight the snakes and above, and the hasty threatening air
and unscrew the fear inside our hearts, to build our one true lair

To grow our wings and cut the rope, now flying
Freedom now our skies, and not the dying
and no more we take orders from the ill and only crying

To then become better than time or fate
and fight, and never dare stand by the clocks hand and wait
To escape and thus find the key to the mighty gate

Thus opening, the endless vortex of poison in our minds has been ended
and thus the garden grows instant and is amended
To there and beyond, a future we hold intended

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm not so much a fan of this.


Experimenting and what not I guess?


But I will post this anyways.



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