Maybe They Would

Walking in an ocean of poison,
Somehow I do not need to swim.
I have it all figured out with a head perceived full
Yet indeed very spacious.

When I get to the other side, it will be until the world ends
and I when I arrive to shore, I will sleep in the bushes with thorns
Hoping nobody sees the blood without a color and poisoned smell.

Is it real, or just nonsense?
Maybe to me I'm loving it, or maybe I don't know at all.
Perhaps the stranger in silhouette knows better than I even.

Maybe my eyes aren't blind
and I'm not deaf at all
Maybe I walk with two feet
Or maybe I have it all in my mind
But maybe you know better
Do you?

In conception, there really is none.
The note is just scribbles to the rabbit gathering food.
and my struggle may seem like I'm just walking.
Maybe it is
Is it?
Maybe you know better.
In a reality with not just the solar system
and not just one sun.

Is one really idle?
In my dreams I believe I swim, not walk
In an ocean of ones smiles.
Or do I? Is it nonsense?
Maybe a nobody would know better.
Or are they?
Maybe you know better
Do you?

My hands are led by yours
Either destructed, manipulated, or made.
The wheel of destiny is not certain.
But maybe you have a better idea

What is trust, what is common sense?
Is her nonsense a masterpiece?
Or a disaster?
To one eye, it sees beauty
But another sees a war of dying colors
Fleeing in the mountains of what they believe 
Does it matter?
Or does it not?

Only you know.
Or at least that's what they say
When they look at my perceived lost face 
and conclude that II'm the nobody.
and that I know nothing at all.

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