Ocean Deep

The sparkling object of my fascination
Far far away, lies it; and my devastation
Deep down, hides in an oyster held tight
Held my eyes, they lie forever in a faceless plight

The ocean of a disgusting blockage deep
Ignorance they say it's called
Where hope is held captive to forever sleep
Where all the tears end to fall, from the hopelessly appalled

and the fish swim trying to go somewhere in this thick dark
But are hopelessly bound to a mind of emptiness, and a hiding scary shark
Somewhere deep down like the oyster, is myself and my dreams
Coiled and entrapped by the wicked seaweed, trapping my truthful screams

The boats above try to sail, but they stand blind
By the cloudy blurred sky that bears no sun defined
This is the existence of an ocean that pulled them and me apart
By the greedy squid, emotion, and the waves of fear that eat their heart

Am I and those among me a slave?
In this weird feeling that is called to be alive?
Is this the slow carriage bringing me to my grave?
From this sick place where sadness seems to thrive?

In a world unknown to logic and touch
I use my tears somehow as a crutch
To the cruel sea below deep, and ruthless above
The sweet sick suffocating air, that I'm not so proud of


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