Impossible Dreams

I want to chase impossible dreams

I want them to become reality

I will not stop short

I'm beginning to chase

What I can barely grasp

But one day they will be in my hands

I will be forever blessed

I will never have to look back

and I will rejoice as I fall more in love with you

Because I will be in total awe of what you do

I may not be the smartest in this world

But I know one day I'll have my dreams come true

One day I'll hold the girl I've always dreamed of

and one day I will have an amazing marriage

cuz your word says so, and I will not give up

I am not prepared to let go of you

I am preparing myself to go all the way

I am chasing the impossible dreams starting today

They will one day become a reality

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just about pressing on, and how we should chase God and our dreams. If you stop short, and settle for second best why? You figure it's the best you can do? It may sound harsh, but God does want the best for you. If you feel like well I may as well just go for this cuz it's as far as I'll get, be more positive. It's tough to do at first, and yes it is a challenge, but what do you seriously have to lose??

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