Religious Living no More

I am starting not to care so much anymore

what you all think of me

I don't care, cuz I am chasing my dreams

You can not hold me back

I am going full throttle straight dead ahead

I am not looking back

Not looking to the left or the right

I have God right in my sight

Now I am getting ready to live this life

I jump and dance

Cuz I am excited

I do what the bible says

I will not do anything different

You can use you're man made religious views

To try and condemn me

but hey I got something for you

Go ahead read what the bible says in Colossians chapter two

I'm tired of living this life just to please all of you

The ones who feel I am so wrong for banging a drum

Where religion says I have to live life your way

I will no longer listen to those lies

I am going to be bold, chasing these dreams

I know God will be right by my side

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