You try to take me down

With your own selfish ambitions

Your own temptations try to seduce me

and you try so hard to tackle me

You could care less about purity

But I'm taking a stand

I'm not going down without a fight

Cuz I will never stroll near your house

I will never come near your home tonight

I am in danger

If I even step near

It will be a trap

and it will be my fault for this fall

So don't even try it, cuz I will not give in

Because tonight, I stand with integrity

I stand with honesty, I want true respect

So you could try, but I'll just throw you off to the side

I will not give into temptations that seduce my life

I will not give into this temptation that will bring me to ruin

So Father please help me to run, and never look back

Help me, give me strength to not give in

Cuz I know you want the best for me

and I want you to rule in my life

I will not go down without a fight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dunno this isn't the greatest, just about a dream I had about someone. I believe it is a warning, but I will know in  a few months or sooner.

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