Jot notes 8

Jot notes

I didn't even think to put you first

I just kept thinking of my own chores

I thought about my life first

and never dawned on me till later

You blessed me throughout this whole entire week

When I was so stressed so let down

You turned my world upside down

And made me realize what I was worth

I just can't describe how I feel

I couldn't put it into words

Please continue to make me new

Forever and ever, cause me to kneel

And open my eyes when I see myself first

instead of noticing your glory

Remind me of those blessings

cuz you got me out of a jam

that tore me up inside

and then I turn around and say

You can always wait till later

I did it once today, and I sure knew where I was wrong

because you never let me down

I put you to the test, with my finances

and I never deserved to even be blessed

but you did, because your grace and love is so out of this world

I just can't believe I never put you first

I paid attention to the stress

and what I thought mattered most

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