Press On

Sometimes it's so hard to find a reason for today

But we're going to keep on fighting

And come to realize we will be stronger

God will lead us through, and we will never have to look back

Because he always has our back

Tonight we fight, tonight we stand our ground

Even when the world is crashing all around

We will not back down, we'll keep pressing on

We will keep pressing on towards the goal of perfection

and we will wait for him to take us up with him

But till then let's stand our ground

and not take a look at the circumstances that weigh us down

Let's live this life on purpose

and put everything behind us

let's forget what's been said

and pursue the treasures that wait for us ahead

Let's take this stand, and realize we are winners

Let's put all our faith into the one above

because without him life is chaos

let's live life to our best

and even if we fall

We can dust ourselves off

And continue to fight, run on ahead

Let's fight to the end

because nothing will hold us back from heaven

Let's just put our faith in him, and let's live it to the best

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