Jot notes

Jot notes

I've given in once again

Once again a broken man

Inside split right in two

All I want to do is be with you

I've always played this crying game

over and over again

and I wonder how you always take me back

You cause me to feel like this life is worth living

you renew my hope, you cause me to want to dream

Dream of future, a dream to prosper

a dream to be so close to my King

a dream to be married to the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine

I just sit and wait

But sometimes there is a need to chase

You cause me to realize I have other chances

but still I miss what's in between

I miss the chances that you could have blessed me

but instead I followed my fleshly desires

I caved and didn't look to you at all

I wonder sometimes what I'm worth

but you encourage me with your word

You bring truth into my life

you cause me to see who you really are

A God of mercy slow to anger

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