He is......

You'll see a stubborn man

You'll see his heart being broken

Time and time again

You'll notice he says he doesn't care

but deep down his heart says otherwise

Deep down he already knows he would be there

for you when ever you need someone to talk to

You'll see a messed up person

Somewhat indecisive

Yet he will help you out in any situation

He could care less if you wake him up

in the middle of the most beautiful dream

He could care less if it was 3am

He would drive half way across the city

just to give you the hug you so need this night

He will point out where you're always a winner

and even if you make mistakes he will always take you back

He'll lead you down the right path

He will do his best to make you feel special cuz he knows that you are

he will weep by your side

Each and every single time you need to cry

cuz you are not alone tonight

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's about a person who is always there for people. I can understand to a point of what God goes through. Not to the full extent of course, but I can imagine to a degree. Look how some people turn on us, and it breaks our hearts. Or even people that we miss we cry and hurt about it all, and God does the same. But he is always ready to take us back. How awesome is it when that person decides to come back? When the person decides to run back into his arms.  Heaven just goes into an uproar of celebration. Kinda like some of us to a degree. When the person comes back to us, or reaches out etc....doesn't it feel so awesome? This is not quite done, I just happened to write it in 5 minutes! lol

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