Where Did Marriage Come From?

Just a thought!

Marriage goes back as far as the cave man.

The woman was bonked on the head and dragged in the cave,

leaving one mark for, "intent". 

Once she bore a child, she got another mark, and was given a name...

We'll call this one, "Mabel."

This branded her as a mother and no one else was to breed with her.

If she got to bitchy or had too many children and the man no longer

wanted her, she was beaten, given a third mark and up for grabs or most time'

thrown out of the clan, after all, who's wants a woman with only one good leg,

leans on a stick has and three strikes?...( I mean three stripes.)

Now ostracized from her clan, having to fend for herself and knowing

a woman marked would not be wanted by any other man...

Guess where make-up came from?

   And, can you guess what the first make-up was called?

    " Mabel - lean"...    Later, another cave woman invented one called....."Cover - girl"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Where Did Marriage Come From?"

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