Art, Artists and Famous Painters

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My views on Art,  Artists and Famous Painters..."Artists Paint Art"..."Practice makes Painters"...

There were a multitude of "Famous Artists" who painted...

The number greatly reduced by those who could actually do  a "life-like painting."

Many "painters" were (in today's terms), impressionists...colorful and stylish, yet

Lacking definition and fine detail...My own discription, "Crayon Painters."

Not suprising they were starving if "painting was their only income"

Years after death, someone decides to tag them as "Famous"...

1. Because it survived, 2. It was Signed and 3...Became "Antique"...most in museums,

Now famous, Forgotten Works by  So & So...  Hanging on a wall and worth something.

  We study and learn from them now, taking notes on style and stroke, background and color, taking

joy in producing a "mimic" painting from the past, or just perfecting a style which pleases the eye.

   In conclusion... Do the art work you like, throw in a little patients, get good at it and maybe,

just a few hundred years... one of your pieces will be seen in some... "Famous Story Book,"

and bring someone a smile.

    Barry Anderson

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"Art, Artists and Famous Painters"

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