Eagles Nest

Just a thought!

Lodged hi above the canopy, an Eagle guards her young.

Pearcing eyes in flawless skies, not a twitch escapes her stare.

She rules the roost from up above, no harm shall intervene,

Keeping watch in palace twigs, her only task at hand.

Soaring in the distance, her mate circles for a kill,

He flies the skies for hours,  no remorse, he is the hunter.

Captured prey the mate returns, his approach, one of caution,

He drops his prey and flies away, not immune to untrusting talons.

She feeds the young, then back on watch, the babies cry for more,

She makes one scream, her mate replies, "he's on the hunt"....

                                                                                              "he soars."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Eagles Nest"

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