My Grave

I smile attempting to hide the pain

People can't understand the depression I breathe

You point and prode and tell me all the things I have

You tell me to down some pills and burry the hurt

I take a look in the mirrior and I hate what I see

I'm digusted by my own reflection,

In my mind my graves already dug

Just needs a body, im willing to give

The insects can crawl into the dirt with me and munch on my skin

And I wont feel it, I'll be dead

Oh but we cant tell anyone these thoughts aren't allowed

I walk through the school halls

And I hate what I am

i hate the way they look at me

There's nothing I like

I'm a fake, I'm a whore and I'm sick

Dont worry I wont bother you

I'll swallow down the pills

I close my eyes at night

I close my eyes in the day

And feel the dirt through my fingerstips

I feel the coldness pecking at my lips

I don't feel the wind

I just feel the warmth of my coffin

I'm dead and so is the depression

Yes I let it win

But guess what I dont feel a thing


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