Wasted! 12-3-05


You opened up your heart
Saw there's something more
Then nothing to my life
And wanted to help me out
This side of me that you know
It's been killing me for far too long
Its such a long way down from here

You opened up your heart and let me in
You opened up your eyes saw the man within
Opened up my mind to my life that I was

Now there's so much more
So much more to this
Never thought that if I died
I'd be the one they missed
You took me in your arms
Held me all night long
Began to slay the beast within
The side of me that everyone knows
That's been shown for way too long
It's time to end all this right now

You helped me open my heart
So I let you in
you opened up my eyes showed me the true world
Opened up my mind to the life I was

All the fucking fags in the world
Wasting everyone's life!

Do you know how much pain
You inflict on us every day
Do you know the thoughts you put into our heads
We stand alone there but so many are like us
We want to have a hand held out
Someone we can trust
We need a feeling of happiness in our lives
Just one touch and we'd be fine
Who the fuck are you to judge us!
Why the fuck do you just judge us!
Judge us!
You put us like we are nothing in this world
You act like we are nothing because we aren't like you
Mr. and Ms. so popular
Gets whatever they want
And all this time we're wasting!

Fuck all of you!
You should be the ones here crying out on the streets
Laying in bed all night
Not getting a wink of sleep
But no you sit there and sleep
Dreams those dreams that you do
While we sit and pray to the moon!

Open up your heart see there's more to us
Open up your eyes see we are the same
Open up your mind think of how you treated us
All the thoughts of suicide in our minds
All the thoughts of our life being wasted!
All the thoughts being wasted on you!

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