The Dahlia and the Serpent


His Murderess, his Dahlia, she the one who made his love grow. She would tie him down and do unspeakable acts which most of us would consider heinous but to him pleasure. She was his Dom, he her sub but yet both controlled each other. The fire twixt her legs could only be extinguished by his saturated serpent. This is just minor part of our tale but this is not where it begins. Our tale begins here…
He stood in line waiting to enter the building see his favorite musical act. Impatiently he waited to be let in, as the line diminished his eyes crept to the front of the crowd as he entered inside. There she stood, knee high boots, leather mini skirt, and low cut shirt of the band being seen on stage. His eyes widened at the sight of her. He made his way forward as she to noticed him dressed in black pants and boots along with a similar shirt. Eyes met and words melted the passion was instant. They exchanged drinks at the bar after the show till the dark hours of the night. Before he could utter a phrase close to “let’s get out of here” she had already had her hand firmly grasped through his pants TELLING him it was time to leave. He, in disbelief shook his head and followed her to her car. They drove off in silence.
Crashing through the open door in throws of passion she tossed him to the bed and demanded his undressing. He made haste as she came walking from the room she disappeared to only to be dressed in a black silk robe and a body fishnet suit, accompanied by her knee high leather boots studded belt with whip and chain. His eyes widened at her sight, his serpent began to throb and pulsate she jumped upon him. Tying him to bed she began to pour wax on his body, he screamed in pleasure. The disbelief clouded his mind, “how can this feel so good?”
As if she read his mind she spoke “I’m the Dahlia and I know your pleasure for your eyes do not lie”. He grew harder and thicker as she tore a hole in her fishnet bodice and lowered herself on him. Her moist heat made him moan in ecstasy, she quickly shut him up by shoving a succulent nipple into his mouth then began to dig her nails into his back. As she began to ride him she would whip his chest till he bled and cried in magnificent pleasure. She climbed off untying him but handcuffing his feet and hands and ordered him to take her from behind. He slapped her ass with the whip she had given him and the both rocked back and forth in a harmonious session of sex.
In one fell motion they came together and came for each other. The Dahlia had found her serpent and the love was there was it true or just a midnight tryst, only time would tell as she beckoned him for a second night that he couldn’t refuse as he exited the door resting in the fine line of pleasure and pain.