He asked while you failed

So i got a date


You said you would do something

You failed

Thanks thanks a lot

You got my hopes up 

And crushed them

With one quick motion of your hand

Well one person

Of course after the one he likes

Asked me

He did it because i told him of your plan

The plan you failed on

He wanted to make by crushed hope

A reality

Look what he did

And look what you did

You hurt me

And he just cared enough to ask me

Only because we're friends

And since i told him about us

Hes so compassionate

So nice...

I said yes to him

I planned on going alone

But he just had the one he likes

Crush him and hurt him

You see?

We are going together because we are hurt

We are both hurting

And he cared enough to ask

And i cared enough to say yes

He cares

Do you?

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